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Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag

Key Feature 360° Rotating Top Unique ABS Hard Shell Design Removable Insulated Cooler Holds up to Six Cans Removable Insulated Cooler Holds up to Four Cans
Number of Dividers 14 14 14 14
Number of Pockets 7 10 12 10
Weight 9.7 lbs. 5.5 lbs. 5.4 lbs. 6.4 lbs.
Top-Lok Technology
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Yes Yes Yes Yes
Insulated Cooler Pocket Integrated Integrated Removable Removable
Cart Strap Sleeve Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fleece-Lined Valuables Pocket Yes Yes Yes Yes
Matching Rain Hood Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stand Mechanism No No No Yes
Retail Price $239.95 $219.95 $199.95 $199.95
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